Honeywell Advances Home Energy Efficiency with a New, Smart Thermostat

A vice president at Honeywell, Daniel Sheflin manages a team of over 5,000 engineers working on new and exciting products. Daniel Sheflin’s portfolio includes research and development in the area of technology automation control solutions. He takes a particular interest in energy efficiency and smart grid technologies.

As a leader in household technologies, Honeywell continuously releases products that save homeowners time and money. One of the company’s recent introductions, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, promises to give homeowners greater control over their energy usage and comfort at home.

One of the new product’s signature features, voice control, allows users to voice statements such as “I’m feeling cold” or “Make it much warmer” to adjust the thermostat. Honeywell also developed an application that enables users to control the thermostat remotely from a smart phone or another compatible device. This provides convenience inside the home and potential energy savings outside the home as the user can reduce utility usage when absent. The user-friendly unit includes a color touchscreen and learning capabilities that enable it to adapt to the owner’s life patterns and needs.


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