NIST’s Commitment to Improving the Energy Smart Grid

Focused on technology automation control systems, Daniel Sheflin holds executive responsibilities with Honeywell International. Daniel Sheflin also serves as chairman of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Smart Grid Federal Advisory Committee. Founded in 1901, NIST has a unique role in liaising between domestic companies and government entities, with an aim of increasing industrial competitiveness and encouraging innovation.

The NIST’s current emphasis on the smart grid centers on the development of “interoperable standards.” By coordinating the efforts of consumers, energy companies, regulators, and manufacturers, the NIST seeks to ensure that complex electric power systems and their individual components mesh well together. Through these emerging standards, a unified infrastructure can be developed that binds together applications as diverse as plug-in electric vehicles, “smart” appliances, and “smart” meters that inform residents of their energy usage and its real-time cost. Another aspect of the smart grid concept is providing utilities with the means to easily utilize diverse energy sources, from wind to solar power, with an aim of closely matching supply with demand.


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