Tips for Cyclists Who Suffer from Tight Hips

Known for his contributions to the development of wireless sensor technology and his work as the chairman of the Federal Smart Grid Advisory Committee, Daniel Sheflin is also a dedicated athlete and spends a significant amount of time cycling. Many of Daniel Sheflin’s fellow cyclists complain about tight hips, especially after long rides.

This tightness in the hips results from a particular posture that cyclists assume while riding. Many riders naturally fall into this position, but they can avoid problems with their hips by following a few key tips.

1. First, cyclists should always stretch before they ride and should pay special attention to the muscles in front of the hips known as the hip flexors.

2. While riding, cyclists should take notice of their spines and ensure that they maintain a gentle curve rather than hunching excessively, which focuses stress on the hips. A severely curved spine spreads stress throughout the body.

3. Cyclists should also peddle standing up for about 30 seconds ever 15 minutes or so, which temporarily relieves stress placed on the hips.

4. At the gym, individuals can strengthen their hip muscles by performing exercises that train the body to pivot at the hips, such as a Romanian deadlift, which also strengthens the gluteal muscles and the hamstrings.


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