Daniel Sheflin: Tips for Maximizing Energy Efficiency at Home

With a master of science in engineering, Daniel Sheflin has taken part in various important projects concerning wireless sensors, smart grid, and energy efficiency. Daniel Sheflin has operated as the general manager of engineering for General Electric and as the Vice President of Technology for the Automation Control Solutions Division of Honeywell.

While many individuals are aware of some basic ways to save energy at home, such as turning off lights and using efficient appliances, many are unaware of the many ways homes can be even more efficient and less costly in the long run. Described below are a few simple ways to improve energy efficiency where it counts.

1. Make sure there are no major air leaks in the home. These can be found in places like bathroom vents, water heater flues, and other places where openings are present.

2. Secure the perimeter of your home with calk or spray foam. Many homes built before 1980 likely will have places where cracks and holes have formed.

3. Make sure the fireplace flue does not have any holes or gaps.

4. Canister ceiling lights can often be inefficient. Replacement of bulbs or re-plastering can usually remedy the problem.


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